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OBDLink supplies high-quality OBD scanners, equipped with the latest and fastest technology. OBDLink focuses mainly on wireless solutions and is the global market leader in this field. Your laptop, tablet or phone is turned into a diagnostic device in no time. The included OBDLink software works on Windows PC, Android and iOS.

It is important to note that the OBDLink reader communicates with cars that communicate via the OBD2 protocol. This means that you can read and clear error codes from cars with a gasoline engine if they are year 2001 or younger. For cars with a diesel engine, the year of manufacture is 2004 or younger.

✓ The world's best-selling OBD adapters
✓ Over 50,000 active members in the OBDLink support community
✓ Engineered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
✓ 3-year warranty on OBDLink devices
✓ Fastest chipset for data processing
✓ The highest recommended OBD adapters by car software engineers: BimmerCode, Forscan, Scan My Tesla, ABRP, Motoscan

What are the main advantages of the OBDLink?

  • Clear error codes in the engine management
  • Works on gasoline cars 2001 and younger and diesel cars 2004 and younger
  • Speed and stability through the use of the STN chipset
  • Full support of every OBD2 protocol
  • Full support of the ELM327 command set
  • Available in USB, Bluetooth and WiFi version
  • BatterySaver, so the OBDLink can stay in the car without draining the battery
  • Free software included
  • Can also be used with software from other developers, such as: MultiECUscan, MotoScan for BMW motorcycles, Forscan, Harry's Lap Timer and ScanMaster

OBDLink adapters are designed and built with extreme care to maximize reliability and minimize manufacturing defects. The adapters are assembled in ISO 9001 certified facilities, using only the highest quality components. After assembly, each adapter is thoroughly inspected and thoroughly tested to verify the integrity and proper operation of the electronics and firmware.

These are not just words; we stand fully behind our product. When you buy from us, you have a 14-day no-quibble money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

General OBD2 information

If you are not yet experienced in using diagnostic equipment for reading and clearing error codes from cars, you may not know what to choose from the large selection on the Internet. OBDLink has therefore chosen to carry a small range suitable for the novice user.

In this case, OBD2 (also known as EOBD in Europe) is the focus of OBDLink to read and clear error codes in cars. In fact, OBDLink adapters are only suitable for cars with OBD2. Below is a brief explanation of OBD1 and OBD2.


OBD1 is the first generation of the so-called "Onboard Diagnostics". OBD1 was introduced in America in 1988 to store engine fault codes. At that time, a standard was still established and each car manufacturer used their own communication protocol with their own diagnostic plugs. In Europe, OBD1 is approximately used through year 2000. OBDLink equipment is not suitable for cars with OBD1.


That changes were needed was obvious after the introduction of all kinds of new electronic gadgets. A standard was chosen: OBD2. Cars that communicate via OBD2 use a certain communication protocol and always use the same diagnostic plug. The plug, in the case of an OBD2 plug, involves a 16-pin connector.

Every car manufacturer was obliged to use this diagnostic connector. It was introduced in Europe in 2001 for cars with gasoline engines and in 2004 for cars with diesel engines.

The fault codes that an engine could have were also the same for all manufacturers. This way there was no need for all different diagnostic equipment to read these fault codes from a car, but could be done with one diagnostic device. In this case, though, we are talking about only the engine management. Other systems of the car do require different equipment.