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Leaf Spy

Leaf Spy is an application designed for owners of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. Available for smartphones, this app provides users with detailed information about their vehicle that goes beyond what is standardly available on the car's dashboard.

Who is Leaf Spy intended for?

Leaf Spy is primarily intended for Nissan Leaf owners who want to gain deeper insight into the status and performance of their vehicle. It can also be useful for potential buyers of used Nissan Leafs, as it can help them assess the health of the battery and other vital statistics of the car before making a purchase.

What can you do with the Leaf Spy app?

  • Battery Status and Health: The app provides detailed information about the state of the battery, such as the charge status, battery health (State of Health, SOH), and the estimated remaining lifespan.
  • Driving Data: Users can see real-time information about their energy consumption, regenerative braking, and other driving statistics.
  • Diagnostic Information: Leaf Spy can assist in diagnosing problems with the car by providing access to error codes and other diagnostic data.
  • Battery History: The app can track the history of battery charging and discharging, which can be useful for analyzing driving patterns and optimizing battery performance.
  • Adjustment of Settings: In some cases, users can adjust certain settings of their vehicle through the app, although this is limited.
  • Trip and Consumption Logs: Keeping track of trips and analyzing energy consumption over time.

Important to know about the app

  • Compatibility: The app requires an OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics II) Bluetooth adapter that is connected to the car. This adapter acts as a bridge between the car and the smartphone.
  • Technical Knowledge: Although Leaf Spy is very informative, it may require some technical knowledge to correctly interpret all the data.
  • Privacy and Security: As with any app that connects to your vehicle, it is important to be aware of privacy and security aspects.

Leaf Spy is a powerful tool for Nissan Leaf owners who want to better understand and manage their vehicle. It offers a level of detail and control that goes beyond what is standardly offered by the vehicle interface.

Which OBD dongle is suitable for use with the Leaf Spy app?

To use Leaf Spy with a Nissan Leaf, you need a compatible OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics II) Bluetooth adapter. However, not all OBD2 adapters work equally well with Leaf Spy, so it is important to choose a model known for its compatibility and reliability. Leaf Spy recommends a BLE adapter.

When choosing an OBD2 adapter for Leaf Spy, there are a few important points to consider:

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
: For iOS devices, it is often necessary to use a Bluetooth Low Energy adapter, while standard Bluetooth adapters usually work with Android devices.
: Make sure the adapter is compatible with your specific smartphone or tablet and its operating system.
: Be cautious of cheap imitations of popular adapters. These often do not work well and can even damage your vehicle. We are referring here to so-called ELM327 adapters under 20 euros.
Price vs. Quality
: While more expensive adapters are often more reliable, there are also affordable options that can work well. It is important to consult reviews and recommendations from other Leaf users.

It is always a good idea to consult the most recent user reviews and discussions, as compatibility can change with updates to the Leaf Spy app or the firmware of the adapters.