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Motoscan app for BMW motorcycles

In today's world, where everything is increasingly interconnected, even motorcycles have not been left behind. BMW, known for its penchant for innovation and top-tier engineering, has made waves in the motorcycling community with the introduction of the Motoscan app. This piece of software has been designed specifically for BMW motorcycles, and its features are set to enhance the riding experience and provide diagnostic insights like never before.

The Motoscan app is a third-party tool developed for BMW motorcycles to help users access diagnostic data. The Motoscan app is more focused on diagnostics and maintenance.

Key features of the BMW Motoscan app

  1. OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) access: The app can read the motorcycle's on-board diagnostic information, offering insights into the bike's electronic systems.
  2. Error code reading: The Motoscan app allows users to read and clear error codes. This is particularly useful for identifying issues early and addressing them before they escalate.
  3. Service reset: For bikes that have service interval indicators, the app can reset them after a service has been completed.
  4. Real-time data: Users can view real-time data from various sensors on the motorcycle, helping them understand the bike's current performance.
  5. Electronic component activation: To aid in diagnostics, the app can activate various electronic components on the motorcycle. This can be useful for checking the functionality of parts.
  6. Customization: Depending on the motorcycle model and its available features, Motoscan can be used to customize various settings, such as daytime running lights or other user-specific settings.
  7. Updates and compatibility: The app is regularly updated to be compatible with new BMW motorcycle models, ensuring a wide range of users can benefit from it.

What kind of Motoscan versions are available?

  • Lite version (free): This is usually a free or trial version offering limited functionality, allowing users to test some of the basic features of the app.
  • Basic version (14,99 EUR): The basic license unlocks more features than the lite version, allowing users to read and erase error codes, access real-time data, and other fundamental functionalities.
  • Professional version (29,99 EUR): A professional license typically offers a wider range of features, including advanced diagnostics, electronic component activation, and some customization features.
  • Ultimate version (49,99 EUR): The ultimate or highest-tier license generally provides access to all features of the app, including the most advanced diagnostic and customization functionalities.

It's always a good idea to check the official website or platform where the app is hosted to get the most recent and comprehensive list of features, versions and prices. And, as always, when using third-party diagnostic tools, ensure that you understand the functionalities fully to avoid unintentional changes or potential damage to your motorcycle's systems.

BMW ICOM D 10 pin adapter cable

If you're looking to connect to BMW motorcycles, especially "older" models (model year 2019 or older), using diagnostic tools like the Motoscan app, then yes, you might need an adapter cable like the 10-pin ICOM D adapter.

Many BMW motorcycles, particularly those manufactured before the widespread adoption of the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics II) standard, use proprietary connectors for their diagnostic ports. The 10-pin ICOM D adapter cable allows users to connect these motorcycles to standard OBD-II diagnostic tools or devices.

However, it's essential to:

  • Check your bike's Compatibility: Not all BMW motorcycles will use the 10-pin connector. Ensure your specific model requires this adapter before purchasing.
  • Ensure tool compatibility: Make sure that the diagnostic tool or app you are using supports the motorcycle's specific protocols even with the adapter.
  • Quality matters: If you decide to buy an adapter, ensure it's of good quality. Poor quality adapters can lead to unreliable connections or even potential damage.
  • If you're uncertain about your specific needs or compatibility, consulting the motorcycle's manual or a specialized forum for BMW motorcycles can provide clarity.

Which OBD adapter should you use?

The OBDLink LX is a Bluetooth-enabled OBD-II scanner that can be used with various apps, including Motoscan.

When using the OBDLink LX with Motoscan for BMW motorcycles, you might also need an appropriate adapter cable, like the 10-pin ICOM D adapter cable, to ensure compatibility with your specific BMW motorcycle model, especially if it doesn't have a standard OBD-II port. We have also have a bundle for sale which includes both the OBDLink LX and the ICOM D 10 pin adapter cable for your BMW motorcycle. The BMW Motorcycle diagnostic kit does not include the Motoscan app.

As always, it's a good practice to check the official documentation or website of the Motoscan app or consult with the OBDLink manufacturer to ensure that the adapter is currently supported and will function properly with your specific motorcycle model.