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OBD2 Extension cable angle 16 pins 30cm

The 30cm extension cable can be used on a standard OBD2 connector to extend the cable of your diagnostic device. If the OBD connector is inconvenient while driving, it can be moved to another location using the extension cable for better accessibility. Are you using a wireless reading device and the Bluetooth or WiFi signal is not strong enough because the connection is too far below the steering wheel? Then this extension cable is the ideal solution!

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10 Feedback Company
from 50 reviews
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OBD2 extension cable 30cm

When your OBD2 connection in your car is not easily accessible, your cable from your diagnostic equipment is not long enough, or your signal from your wireless readout device is not good, you can use a 30cm extension cable to extend OBD connection to the right place for you. In this way, you can work more pleasantly with your diagnostic equipment. The plug that plugs into the car is wired on the side, so it can be placed in narrower spaces as well.

Some cars from the PSA group (Citroën and Peugeot) are known for poor diagnostic connectors, where the space in the port is too wide. As a result, no, or poor contact is made with the diagnostic equipment. The 30cm extension cable offers a solution here. The plug of the extension cable is a bit larger than the plug on a diagnostic device. So you can be sure that the connection is good.

What are the specifications of the OBD extension cable?

    • Type: OBD2 male to female
    • Plug: angle (special for small spaces) 16 pin to 16 pin (standard OBD2 connector)
    • Cable length: 30 cm
    • Robust materials, also suitable for intensive use

What do you get delivered?

    • You will receive a 30cm extension cable with 1 connector angled, suitable for an OBD2 connection, delivered by parcel post.

Why buy a 30cm OBD2 extension cable with a corner plug?

  • When your diagnostic port in your car is hard to reach, the cable from your diagnostic device is too short, or because the connection from your wireless diagnostic equipment is poor, this extension cable offers more flexibility, better accessibility and reliability. Because 1 plug is wired on the side, this plug also fits in diagnostic ports placed in tight spaces.
Advantages & drawbacks
  • Useful for turning a bad OBD connection into a good connection, such as with older Audi, Peugeot and Citroën models
  • The cable is short and does not get in the way easily
  • The location of the OBD connection can be changed with this cable, making it easier to access
  • The plug that is placed in the car's OBD connection has a cable on the side of the plug. The plug requires very little space.
  • Stiff cable and therefore sometimes difficult to conceal
  • May be just a little too short for some purposes
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Specs summary
  • Features Extension cable
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